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Bryan Jason Naguit Bantigue | 21

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Hoping this blog will serve its purpose.

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A hidden treasure in my draft tab. Might as well share it.

Bucket List

  1. Be an architect
  2. Live own life Since 2013
  3. Watch the sunset from atop of a lighthouse Parola. Tanay, Rizal
  4. Run a marathon That NSTP shit. 
  5. Set up my own art exhibit
  6. Own a museum
  7. See the elephants in Thailand and India
  8. Korea
  9. Try skinny dipping Boracay 2014
  10. Learn how to surf Soulsurf 2013
  11. Learn a dialect
  12. Nepal
  13. See my Dad
  14. Be successful while my Mom and Lola’s alive
  15. A photo with Yoona
  16. Jump off a waterfall Batangas Field Trip 2013
  17. Learn how to drive a car and motorcycle
  18. Swim with the whales
  19. Have my own business
  20. Learn diving
  21. Climb at least five mountains
  22. Try cliff diving Boracay 2014
  23. Perform in a stage with hundreds of audience Did it twice in 1 year (2013)
  24. Enjoy a Ferris wheel ride
  25. See a giraffe in the wild
  26. Attend the Big Mountain Festival in Thailand
  27. Run with the bull
  28. Learn how to play the guitar
  29. Learn a foreign language
  30. Attend an art class I think painting class counts
  31. Try Dance lessons Hahaha! 
  32. Finish a book
  33. Enter Medicine School UST-FMS 2017
  34. and be good at it
  35. Start a photography blog
  36. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator By the power of the internet
  37. Learn Vector Art
  38. Laude
  39. Spontaneous travel with a friend Who would have thought that I’d met such friend
  40. Print a design on a shirt and wear it for one week


  1. Pass the board exam
  2. Graduate on time
  3. Watch the sunset from atop of a lighthouse WITH THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE
  4. Inspire someone
  5. Be a doctor
  6. Design a building
  7. Walk the streets of Harlem
  8. Vandal a wall
  9. Post a nonsense poster
  10. Try exotic food
  11. Lose weight
  12. Fairer skin

Parang mas matino yung dati kong list. Mas mababaw na ata kaligayahan ko ngayon. Signs aging? 


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Anong nangyari? Diba nag-memed ka? Bakit biglang archi? OMGGGGG!
brybrybrybry brybrybrybry Said:

Well, well… :> 


Well, well…